Welcome to Driving Excellence

Welcome to Driving Excellence Auto School, Inc!


Hi, I'm Roy Shepherd, the owner and one of the active instructors with Driving Excellence Auto School, Inc. I bring to the school 35 years of education experience. I am a retired NYS secondary school teacher, a NYS certified school administrator, a certified Driver's Education teacher, and a NYS certified driving school instructor. I take pride in developing materials for the classroom instruction and in working with my staff to develop and use the latest instructional techniques for effective behind-the-wheel instruction. Teaching is my passion and I pride myself on the successes of the school's clients. I live by our motto: "Don't just learn to be a good driver, Learn to be an Excellent Driver."

Obtaining your license is one of the most important milestones in your life. If your dream was to become a professional athlete, you would hire the best coach to help you achieve your goal. Humans are not born knowing how to play sports, or how to drive automobiles. When learning to drive, you should want to to hire the best coach.

Punch it, Marge!
For her first lesson, Marge didn't expect her
instructor to require her to perform evasive maneuvers.

The instructors at Driving Excellence Auto School, Inc. are all certified Driver Education Teachers as well as Driving School Instructors. Driving is more than learning how to pass the road test. We start by teaching you the basics - but we don't stop there!

Our instructors have an average of 10 years of experience teaching in High School Driver Education Programs as well as Auto School instruction.

All of our services are also available to any resident in Pennsylvania. We will prepare you to perform the parallel parking maneuver required for your road test using the driving cones and poles.